Meeting at the airport Boryspil (KBP)

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Meeting at Kiev Boryspil airport (KBP) - taxi from Boryspil

  Meeting at the airport - one of our taxi service. Arriving at the airport Boryspil, you should not worry - how to get to Kiev. Upon arrival, do not need to order a taxi in Boryspil or wait for the machine to come from Kiev. If the order is done in advance, to the arrival of the flight, the car is guaranteed to be of the desired terminal (determined by the flight number).

  If there is no time or opportunity to independently go to the airport to meet friends, relatives or colleagues, offer to call a taxi and met in Boryspil. The taxi driver will meet arriving directly at the airport - in the corresponding terminal - near the exit in the arrival's hall, will help with the luggage. Passengers will be comfortably delivered to the right address in Kiev, or other specified city or village in Ukraine.

If the arrival flight is delayed (Flight monitoring)

  In case of arrival after the appointed time, simple or expectation will not have to pay - the cost of meeting and transfer fixed. Flights are monitored for delays and pick up will be instantly updated to the arrival time of your flight. By flight number, which is given when ordering, tracked estimated time of landing. For this purpose, the online scoreboard airport, as well as other sources. If the flight is delayed, the machine is supplied to the terminal to the actual arrival time of flight. The driver parks the car in the parking lot near the respective flight number of the terminal (D or B) and will be held in the airport arrivals hall to meet passengers.

Meeting with the tablet - how the meeting passengers at the airport:

   To avoid possible problems with communication and not to seek driver in the parking lot or on the road, conveniently and safely when the driver encounters, holding a sign with the name of the organization or the name of the passenger. This would give an opportunity to find it among the greeters. A meeting place for arriving passengers - arrivals hall, located next to the exit from the terminal. Go there after passport control and baggage claim.

   The driver, who arrived at the airport in advance, can phone to a passenger after landing occurred and was enabled phone. In this case, if the client is not Ukrainian telecommunications operator, should work international roaming. Usually, after landing will take about 30 minutes to pass control and receipt of baggage, after which passengers go in the arrivals hall, where are met.

  Typically, passport control and receipt of baggage takes 20 - 30 minutes. Perhaps because of the large number of people at the passport control or delayed baggage delivery will take longer. In any case, the expectation and the cost of parking at a meeting at the airport is not paid!

How to make a reservation meeting at the Kiev Boryspil airport (KBP):

   Order a meeting at the Boryspil airport, as well as get answers to questions about taxi services can tel. +38(050)545-14-17 (Viber, WhatsApp) , E-mail: .

The information needed to booking the meeting in Boryspil:

  1. Date and time of arrival at the airport Boryspil;
  2. Flight number;
  3. Surname or company name for tablets, which will be meeting;
  4. Contact phone passenger (if possible);
  5. Address (where you want to take) - to render the full cost of the transfer.

  Cost of meetings and a taxi from Kiev Boryspil fixed $29 or € 25
The transfer fee is fixed, with the expectation of a flight delay for FREE!

   If the scheduled arrival in the airport Zhulyany and need to get in a / p Boryspil possible meeting at the airport Zhuliany .

  If you arrive at the station in Kiev make an appointment at the station (at the car of a train) .

  Pre-order by filing a car, meeting with a sign, waiting and parking at the airport are included in the meeting!

   If the flight is delayed, the cost of a taxi does not change!

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